World Guide to Covered Bridges

The World Guide to Covered Bridges is produced and maintained by the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges. It uses a numbering system to identify the individual bridges. The National Park Service's Cultural Resources Geographic Information Systems facility has created this online database tool, cataloging over 800 extant and 10,000 lost historic American covered bridges. All bridges are searchable by selected attributes and locations, and existing bridges have been mapped via a variety of sources including GPS and satellite imagery.

World Guide to Covered Bridges Database

The Cultural Resources GIS program of the National Park Service's Heritage Documentation Programs has taken the guide and converted the information on the U.S. bridges to a digital database. The database contains the fields listed in the World Guide as well as additional fields suggested by a steering committee of covered bridge experts. The information in the new fields, as well as many of the fields from the World Guide are empty and need to be populated with data. We have enlisted the help of the covered bridge community to help us fill in the missing pieces.

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